Surprisingly Difficult Grocery Items to Find in Singapore

Maybe this is only applicable to the wild wild west side of Singapore. I was pretty surprised from these observations (maybe shouldn’t be), but it’s also interesting to see what’s hot and not in (parts of) the country:

  • Natural peanut butter: By natural peanut butter, I mean the ones that actually contain just nuts, oil and maybe salt. None of that hydrogenated oil shit. We usually get Adam’s, but apparently the grocery stores only stock peanut butter once every two months. Skippy Natural was only very recently introduced into the market, and we aren’t huge fans of that because it still has palm oil in it. Need to start making my own.
  • Burger buns: I went to a grocery store and three bakeries (the French bakery suggested I go to McDonald’s or KFC. Hmm.) before finding something resembling a burger bun. [cue grumpy pregnant lady]
  • Maple syrup: But “maple-flavored” syrup is so easy come to by.

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