Exploring: Johor Bahru

I love Singapore for its proximity to neighbouring countries. This past weekend, Aaron and I crossed the border to Johor Bahru, or JB, Malaysia to visit the family I used to live with. Many Singaporeans cross the border and take day trips to JB where good eats are plentiful. The exchange rate for S$1 is approximately RM2.50.


The trip was maybe a 15 minute bus ride on bus 170 from Kranji MRT station and probably was not more than S$2, if at all. If you’ve never done this before, I’d encourage you to. This is extremely easy (although peak hour traffic is ghastly, so avoid like the plague). We got off the bus at Woodlands checkpoint to immigration. After passport stamping, we hopped on another 170 bus to cross the Causeway. We got off the bus again at the Malaysian immigration to do the same thing, and you can choose to hop on another bus or just walk out of the complex to the city centre.


We stopped by a kopitiam, the equatorial version of Cheers, where everyone drinks coffee loaded sugar instead of beer. From chatty regulars to the mismatched brightly coloured stools, everything about the kopitiam was charming. Within minutes, our friendly neighbours were chatting us up–‘you just returned from the US?’, ‘how long is the flight?’, ‘oh, 8 hours to London? 24 hours to the US? 2 hours is my maximum!’.


All conversation accompanied by kopi. Art direction by the kopitiam staff who set up this shot and loaned boiled eggs for this picture.

At the kopitiam, we had the beloved Malaysian classic, Nasi Lemak, and Mee Rebus. The nasi lemak only came with an egg, so you can choose other sides to accompany it as well. And the mee rebus? So good! The tangy aroma from the lime makes it difficult to stop eating.



Mee rebus

Gained a couple of pounds from in two days, so I’d say it was a successful trip! #fattiesforever



  1. Grace Kim says

    “I love Singapore for its proximity to neighbouring countries.” -> Me too! Totally agree haha. And by looking at your photos, it looks like the city is more developed than when I was there the last time! I want to go visit again 🙂

    • Alana says

      Definitely do it! There are a lot of “trendy” eating places around the area now, and they recently built Legoland… if that’s what you’re into 😉

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