JB Eats: Nam Moon Korean BBQ Restaurant

JB’s Taman Pelangi consists of a row of shophouses ranging from reflexology and massage services to eateries serving up Asian and Western fare. On our recent JB trip, we stopped by the Nam Moon Korean BBQ restaurant, owned by Aunty J’s friend. The restaurant has both standard table seating and BBQ-style seating. The menu had a wide range of selection, but for a party of 4 we opted for a set meal, which included BBQ beef, pork, fish, bibimbap and kimchi soup, along with the traditional Korean appetizers (that are seemingly endless).

The appetizers included kimchi, quail eggs (my favourite!), variety of greens, mushrooms, and bean sprouts. The staff rolled them out on carts, and they just kept coming so long as you asked.


Next up: Onion pancake. Seriously. Who doesn’t leave fried potatoes with onions. Couldn’t get a picture in time before it was devoured.


Food kept coming to our table; there was barely any time to take it all in. Aunty J is practically the mayor of JB; she knows everyone and everyone’s grandma in town, including the owners of the restaurant. Because of that, they gifted our table with a steamed egg dish, shown below, on the right. A little out of focus on the left is our BBQ beef (here it is). We had the dishes BBQed for us instead of doing it ourselves.


While waiting for the food the arrive, the owners also gave each of us an aloe vera drink. A little bit sweet, but the aloe vera bits are cooling and feel like a healthier version of bubble tea bubbles.


Bibimbap is one of my favourite Korean dishes. Served on a hot stone bowl, an assortment of vegetables are arranged by type on top of a bed of rice, topped with a raw egg. There’s a red (sometimes, hot) sauce that you can add, and once the dish arrives, everything should be mixed in.


Kimchee soup! Full of cabbage, flavour and tofu. The glass noodles go really well with the soup.



The meal train ended with a ginger cinnamon beverage to aid digestion of loaded bellies.


And now we can roll on home.


If you’re in the JB area and want to check out Nam Moon Korean BBQ:

Address: 31 Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 12-715 8972

Happy trails erryone!




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